Rob’s Story

Rob’s Story

Rob has worked as a shop assistant and welder at a local welding shop for the past 12 years. He came to DRS for emergency financial assistance to repair his truck so he could get to work.


For Rob, who has mosaic Down syndrome, working is not just about earning money. He likes the comradery and the opportunity to learn new things, and he takes pride in seeing the results of his hard work.


“It’s not easy, but I focus on what I can do, not what I can’t.” he said. “We all have hidden talents that we have to go find and pursue. Run towards your passion.”


Rob’s passion is community. Aware of the dangers that isolation can bring, he is grateful for his family, friends, and supervisor who have supported him through his considerable accomplishment. Rob is an Eagle Scout who earned six welding certificates and wrote his autobiography, which he autographs with the message “Stay Strong”.


“We need each other. We are stronger together, better together,” said Rob, summing up his beliefs. “I’m blessed.”

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